One Inspiring Legacy Story

One Inspiring Legacy Story

The Shelter received a bequest last year from the late Rev. Royce Scherf. With it came a story from his sister-in-law about Cleo, a gray tabby cat the Scherfs adopted from the Watsonville Shelter:

“Cleo first arrived at Royce’s house shortly after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. … As the years passed, [Cleo] adjusted to the increasing changes in the life of a cancer patient and the caregivers that became more present every day. She remained loving and attentive. After Royce’s wife died, Cleo was very important to Royce’s well being. … Cleo was the reason Royce wanted to donate money to the Shelter. She brought him happiness, and he wanted others to have the joy of a pet. He wanted to help the Shelter provide similar experiences for others….”

 Epilogue – Cleo now lives with one of Rev. Scherf’s caregivers. From all reports she is doing well, is happy, and is bringing happiness to others.

Change the Future with a Legacy Gift

“We’d love to be able to write big checks to the Shelter, but we’re in our mid-seventies. One or both of us may someday need long-term care. Our challenge is maintaining financial security without giving up our philanthropic goals. Our solution is including SCCAS in our will. We appreciate the way the Shelter works to solve - not just cope with - the problems of pet overpopulation, poor animal guardianship and inadequate training. It feels good to know our bequest will support the Shelter’s programs well into the future.”
Allen & Pamela R., Santa Cruz

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